Thursday, November 4, 2010

Mama's Gotta Craft

I love me some kid crafts but I have been on a "grown-up" craft kick lately too.  Kids in bed, kitchen cleaned (well....most some of the time)....time for mama crafting.

I think I'll call this collection "While They Were Sleeping" :)

For a friend who recently had a sweet baby girl and was looking for a travel wipes container.

This started as a standard plastic Huggies travel wipes container with the pop-top.  I traced the shape directly to the reverse side of this patterned felt (making sure to leave a little extra for the sides) and glue-gunned it to the container.  I didn't have to worry about being too pretty about the cut/shape because the ribbon goes all the way around the edges and covers the felt borders.  I covered right over the pop-top (so it can only be opened in the way that you would normally refill the wipes.)  Then I glued a thin ribbon around the edges of the container (being careful to not glue it shut!) and after that I decided to decorate the front a little more with a bigger ribbon and a little embellishment that I found in an abandoned scrapbooking box.  My technique definitely has room for improvement- I later came across this tutorial from Make it and Love It which is AWESOME....I will be attempting this for future babies! (friends' babies, that is!!)

And speaking of Make It and Love It, I also came across a great idea for holding and organizing the bazillion little girl barrettes that float around my house, car, purse, and pockets on a constant basis.

Same idea as a ribbon photo board which are available at every craft show and Target in America!  I found a photo board made with elastic instead of ribbons (on clearance at Target for $4) so I didn't even have to do the hard part of preparing the board itself...just cut off the elastic and cut and attached my own ribbons- with an office stapler!  It took me about 15 minutes.  Here is a picture of it in the girls bathroom in all its glory:

I also took a piece of the elastic that I had removed from it initially and attached it to the bottom so they could hang at least a few headbands on it too.  It is a fun addition to their very boring bathroom walls!

And since we're still in the aftermath of Halloween, I'll throw in a picture of my very simple, very homemade Cookie Monster costume :)

I found the hoodie and pants on clearance at Target and I was SOOOO excited because it was the perfect color and cost $11 total.  The rest of the supplies were scrounged up around my pong balls, a black sharpie, glue gun, felt, and needle and thread.  I wasn't sure what to stuff the cookies with and was too lazy to go downstairs to sift around in my craft room so I instead shoved some dryer sheets in them!  Nice, fresh scented cookies.  I sewed the cookies to the arm of the hoodie and attached a little fabric "ring" to hook the cookies to the back of my hands.

Yesterday I snipped the cookies off the arms and tore the eyes off the hood- the arms have no lasting effects but the glue spots on the hood remain- no biggie, as I wouldn't normally be wearing the hood up, unless I was trying to duck and hide after a grocery aisle disaster involving glass spaghetti jars and a tile floor.  Not that that's a real scenario.  Three cheers for a new mom-i-form to add to my collection- ha!  Look for a crazy mom with dirty hair, dressed in a blue sweatsuit, pushing a grocery cart with two little girls probably fighting over who gets to hold the shopping list.

Until next time!

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  1. Wow!!! I love the wipe box decor :) the photo board is super cute... love the halloween costume! I enjoyed reading :)

  2. Love the wipes container! That is so dang cute! Good work Molls!! - Mullen

  3. You are so talented and very creative. My boys are 7 & 8 now... so you would think I would be past both the cookie monster and wet wipes stage- but stragely enough... I could have used those wet wipes to clean little mr.s chocolate hands and face while we were out today. And who really ever grows out of cookie monster? Thanks for sharing. I found you via Uner the Table and Dreaming

  4. SO cute! I love the Cookie costume! Good job! Happy sleepy-time crafting!
    Thanks for linking up to Making It With Allie! I can't wait to see what you have for next week!