Thursday, November 18, 2010

Letter of the Week.....F

Another edition of Letter of the Week for your reading pleasure!

F is for......a lot of stuff.  We I couldn't decide.

The best part about being on the letter F is that we got to read a lot of Fancy Nancy books, which are tres popular in our house. (tres....that's fancy for "very")


And here are the girls being fancy:

F is for Fall

 This was SUPER easy and designed with an almost 2 year old in mind....however it did not meet his approval but his mom thought it was awesome and happily took over :)  I cut the tree out of brown construction paper, stuck it to a piece of contact paper, then they covered it with torn paper "leaves" and then we stuck it to another piece of blue construction paper.  They are still hanging up in my kitchen!

F is for Feather

F is for Funny Faces

And more Funny Faces!

All week we talked about words that start with the letter F and there are surprisingly a lot of them that came up naturally in our conversations......we did a lot of pretending to be frogs, drawing flowers, playing with our friends, talking about our faith......having FUN!!

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  1. What fun! I especially like the fall tree idea.
    When we worked on the letter Ff, we had several themes too. Some letters are just easier to come up with activities than others are :)

  2. Haha! I love all the funny faces!!

  3. Oh wow, the funny faces!! Soooo cute! My post was on letter F this week too! I'm stopping by from the Preschool Corner link up.