Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Letter of the Week.....D is for Dinosaur

I have been slacking in keeping record of our goings-on but wanted to write a little something about some of the letter-of-the-week things we've been doing in the last couple of weeks.

Greta has been interested in dinosaurs early morning coffee run (meaning- we roll out of bed, I pour two sippy cups of milk- one white, one chocolate- and we pile into the car in our PJs and head to the neighborhood gas station that I covet only because I like their Coffeemate dispenser and the fact that coffee tastes soooo much better when someone else brews it.)  On the way to fetch mama some coffee we passed by a construction zone with some big cranes that Greta noticed...her imagination went into overdrive and she said "Mommy, dinosaurs!!!  Dinosaurs BIG!!   (whisper)Dinosaurs scare me....(now loud) Dinosaurs eat my sissy RAWRRR!!!"  Silly bear.

Tangent aside, Greta's interest in dinosaurs corresponded nicely with the letter we were on that week, D.  So we schlepped ourselves to the library and found some great dinosaur books like-


I read these first two books over....and over...and over....the third book was fun because it shows you how to draw different dinosaurs using shapes.  Gracie and I had fun with that- we both drew the T-Rex a couple of times but she really liked coloring mine and naming the shapes as she colored.

After they got tired of drawing/coloring the T-Rex, we made a stegosaurus out of construction paper.  It was great for Greta because is too little to attempt the drawing of the dinosaurs.  I cut her shapes out and she named them as she glued them into the likeness of a stegosaurus (with a little guidance!)

And here is Gracie's stegosaurus (with a pterodactyl flying overhead, and the stegosaurus is about to eat that poor little mouse.)

But D is not just for is also for Drum!  This is one of our regulars at the library- the way it is written is perfect- has the beat of a drum to it and makes them want to parade around the living room.  I had a couple of old oatmeal canisters saved, and we made them into drums so they had a prop to go with the book.

Lastly, just a picture of the D page in Greta's ABC book.

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  1. Oh I love all your Ds! Your Dinosaurs (like the idea of naming shapes) your Drum. Your D book!


    Thank you for linking to Red Ted Art


  2. Great dinosaur activities!! Looks like she had fun! I'm stopping by from the Preschool Corner link up.