Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Why I Stay Up Late

My dad cut this great comic out of the paper for me the other day.  It could not better capture my life and energy level by the end of the day today.  On days like today, where I have started out the day as supermom with early morning kid yoga, back-to-back crafts, themed snacks, and a pancake lunch outing, and yet there still are shrill screams, demanding cries, and incessant begging for treats, I look at the clock obsessively and wonder if bedtime will ever come.  BR often asks me why I stay up so late.....I always tell him that I need a few solid hours of time in each day to unwind without children underfoot, whether it was a grouphug-don't-we-all-love-each-other type of day or a rip-my-sister's-hair-out-and-give-mom-a-hernia type of day.  Let's see, it's eleven minutes after midnight on a Tuesday....I'll let you guess which category today fell into!

This is the work of the genius that is Terri Libenston of the Pajama Diaries.  (In case it is too fuzzy to make out, inside the glass case is a "Disney DVD" and a martini and shaker.  Hits a little too close to home!!)  You can check out more of her work and even can subscribe to her daily comic strip. 

Thanks Dad!


  1. I love this strip. I only wish she would get a book out soon.

  2. I agree! Maybe we can start a petition...