Monday, February 22, 2010

Craft with me 1-2-3...Olympic themed ice skates!

Oh, the Olympics.  A time when channel surfing is limited and you find yourself getting lost in the excitement of winter sports you don't know the rules of and didn't think you cared about (curling, anyone?)  In honor of our favorite Olympic event, Tinkerbell, the Bear and I crafted a pair of ice skates out of an old cereal box using paint, glue, glitter, embellishments, and ribbon.

The hardest part of this project is drawing the figure skate itself.  I freehanded it and I tried to scan it so I could attach a pattern in these instructions but I couldn't get it to work- so my next best option was to outline the skate with a Sharpie and take a closer picture.

Next was the painting.  I let Tinkerbell choose two colors, which unsurprisingly were pink and purple.  Shocker.  I cut Tinkerbell's out pre-painting but decided to wait on the cutting for the Bear's.

By the time we finished washing the paint off our hands, the skates were dry enough to decorate.  The Bear required assistance; Tinkerbell refused it.

The final step was the ribbon.  My initial plan was to actually punch many holes and "lace" the skates but at this point I was ready for cleanup time so we just went with the simple one-hole punch in each skate, and Tinkerbell helped thread the ribbon through the hole and we had a learning moment as I attempted to teach her how to tie a bow (sidenote: further lessons will be required).  I also pulled out a Play-Do tool that looked like it would be perfect for pressing stitching into the skates....but then I remembered that my girls are one and three, and this project was for them and not for me- the simpler, the better :)

Go Team USA!


  1. OMG - such a fun idea! Great job Momma! (Tia)

  2. Adorable!!! (Alexa)