Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Our Morning Routine and the Hands-On Bible

I recently got inspired by Homeschool Creations bought this Hands On Bible.  It is an unabridged bible but has supplements throughout it that makes it engaging for kids.  A lot of the supplements are aimed at older elementary children but for now I am keeping it simple and doing the activities that are age appropriate or can be adapted (and will probably make some of them up along the way)

Their website has some great free resources including a bible reading plan that I printed and have been trying to follow with the girls in the morning over breakfast.  While the coffee is brewing in the morning, I skim the excerpt and then sit down with the girls at the kitchen table and read to them while they eat their breakfast.  I read some passages verbatim but take breaks to explain it in preschool terms.  We talk about it, say a little prayer, and occasionally do the accompanying activity (taking into consideration our schedule for the day).  This routine is just as if not more beneficial for me too as it gets me more familiar with the bible and puts me in a good mindset for the day....well, morning at least :)

This morning we did one of the suggested activities that went along with Genesis 9:1-17 (God's covenant with his people)  It was a huge hit with both of the girls!  They got to do some of their favorite things- coloring, cutting, and pasting.  Perfect.

Here is Tinkerbell's rainbow covenant (and mine on the lower left)

Shortly after this activity I had an opportunity to remind Tinkerbell of her promise to "listen to her parents".......and a few minutes after that she took an opportunity to remind ME of one of my promises to "be patient with the girls"......HA!

And here is The Bear's rainbow (Tinkerbell and I helped come up with her promises...she will probably need a lot of help remembering them- particularly the promise to "not hit my sister!!!")

We had more fun with rainbows while we were at it and I used some leftover paper to make a sequencing game that both girls did a couple of times.


I'm hoping this fall to focus on a "letter of the week" (in sync with Tinkerbell's preschool class) so I am going to save the sequencing rainbow to use again when we get to "R" in a few months...if this plan survives :)


  1. Always looking for fun activities for my little ones, definitely will have to order this book! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I've been looking for a new bible for my 6 yr old twins. We've read the one we have 5 times. This one might be just the thing I've been looking for.