Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Craft with me, 1, 2, 3....Cuties-on-a-stick

September is always an exciting month- first days of school, first days of fall, fresh crayons and craft supplies.  It is a time of transition, and in the spirit of new beginnings I decided it's time to get back to the blogging board.  So welcome back, me!

For those of us lucky enough to live in or near the Land of Lakes, September also hosts the Great Minnesota Get-Together, otherwise known as THE State Fair.  To get the girls excited for our trip to the fair this weekend, we had a "State Fair Day" at our house.  We sat on the John Deere lawn mower under the deck, walked around the neighborhood until our feet hurt, watched Charlotte's Web, and had corn dogs, cheese-on-a-stick, and fruit kabobs for lunch.  And we had SO much fun making our Kids-on-a-Stick craft.  I might have had more fun than the kids.



I printed a cropped picture of each kid (on normal weight paper- they would last much longer on cardstock though!)  I cut out their faces then drew a cartoon body to go with each head- the kids colored them (headless- which they thought was hysterical) then they glued the faces and bodies on a craft stick (popsicle stick) and the final result is adorable.  After we made these pictured, one of Tinkerbell's friends came over and we made her whole Family-on-a-Stick, complete with a Hannah Montana t-shirt on one sister, a ballerina tutu on the other sister, and a hockey-playing brother.  It was fantastically fun.

Between the day's festive activities and our on-a-stick projects, I feel almost as exhausted as if I had actually gone to the fair today.  But you will still find me there this weekend- probably engrossed in the 4H exhibits or camped out next to the Pronto Pup booth.  You just can't replicate that roasted corn on the cob.  Or Sweet Martha's cookies.  Or the Dairy Barn milkshakes.  Or.......

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  1. Welcome back!

    Your popsicle stick project looks like so much fun and one that I am sure all of the children enjoyed.