Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Letter of the Week....G is for Goat

I wanted to catch up on my letter of the week posts, mostly for my own record-keeping purposes!  Seems like many MANY weeks ago (well before Christmas) that we did the letter G.  As you can imagine the letter G is very popular in my house with two little girls bearing it as the first letter of their name and even the name of the little girl I babysit starts with G as well.  So we had some fun with "G is for Glitter" which, for the record, required clean up for several weeks afterwards with 2 two year olds elbow deep in glitter heaven... 

Using small paper plates, paint, and black construction paper, we made stoplights for G is for GO!  (and G is for Green and Green means GO!) We also had fun playing "red light, green light" and it is still requested almost daily.

 But my favorite "G" activity was G is for Goat.....we read The Three Billy Goats Gruff and made little goat puppets.  I read the story and they were in charge of holding up their goat when it was their "turn to speak."  It was SO fun to see how they loved participating and it's such a fun story with the different voices of the troll and the three goats, lots of room for dramatic interpretation!

More letters to come!

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  1. Your goats turned out super cute.

    I found you at homeschool corner.