Thursday, May 27, 2010

Easy project for the under-twos

I am great at doing projects with Tinkerbell (who will be 4 in August) but usually either intentionally neglect The Bear (who will be 2 in August) by waiting until she's napping for "craft time" or scaling down crafts for her very much on a whim.  So last week when Tinkerbell was at preschool, the little girls and I had craft time with no big sister around and they had so much fun.  (Sidenote- I did intend that to be plural- I babysit a few days a week for friends of ours who have a 5 month old boy and 2 year old girl.  It is fun and a small enough commitment that the experience has actually encouraged me to entertain the thought of having more kids- and I thought for sure it would do the opposite....backfire!)
Unfortunately since I was switch-tasking with the baby, I didn't take many pictures but we did several "hand" projects.....I traced the girls' hands, cut them out, and then helped put together some different spring scenes.  The girls did the coloring and GLUING which always seems to be a big hit with the under two set.  We made one into a bird, one into a flower, and one into a butterfly.  They did a great job! 

I personally liked the butterfly scene the best because we didn't glue the wings down so the butterfly could flap them and fly (and yes, this did take some coaxing (coercion?) on my part!)  This is also a great thing to do with little kids if you remember to date it because it is a fun record of their little hands.  Next week if I am feeling ambitious I am hoping to break out the paint with the little ones and make some hand/footprint art perhaps for Father's Day gifts??  Stay tuned!

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