Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Craft with me 1-2-3...Tin Foil Etchings

Running a little short on craft supplies and we are due for a trip to Michael's!  However I pulled together a fun project that Gracie LOVED, and the star of the show was good ol' household tin foil.

Materials: tin foil (heavy duty would work better, but we had the standard stuff), a dull pencil, paint or ink, paintbrush, paper towels, newspaper

Lay out a rather thick pile of newspaper and spread out a piece of tin foil.  Using a dull pencil, draw a picture or design.

Then cover the entire sheet of tin foil with paint.

Next, use a paper towel to wipe off top layer of paint.

After wiping with the paper towel, paint will remain in the etchings and you will get something like this:

Let dry and then post on to construction paper frames, or make into greeting cards, etc.

Tinkerbell decided to make this one a get well card for her friend who is sick with pneumonia.

And to this one Tinkerbell added more color with markers after the paint dried.

We'd love to hear your craft ideas too!

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  1. I remember doing these back in school---one of my very favorite art projects! Thanks for posting!