Friday, December 18, 2009

Rhinestones & Pine Cones (how this blog got its name)

I started thinking about keeping a blog- as a way to add a little more structure to my unscheduled day, to share recipes and other random thoughts with friends, and to have a record-keeping of sorts of our everyday life.  So earlier this week when Tinkerbell and I were in the midst of craft time (which we usually do once a week or while the Bear naps) it dawned on me that *this* is how I want my kids to remember me as a stay-at-home mom....elbow deep in rhinestones and pine cones.  And thus was born the (silly) name of this blog.

Here is the craft that was the inspiration:

Start with these supplies: pine cone, glue, paint, glitter, paper bag.

Mix white paint with some glue, and paint the pine cone.

Put wet, painted pine cone in a paper bag, sprinkle glitter inside, and shake it up!

Remove and let dry.  Optional addition- Tinkerbell requested that we add rhinestones to her pine cone.  Fab-u-lous!

Final product:

We will probably add a ribbon and a little jingle bell and add it to our Christmas tree.  Crafty fun!

We also did this little "Elf on a Shelf" inspired Santa on the same step-by-step pictures though, just the final product!  We used a toilet paper roll for the body, some construction paper, paint, googly eyes, and two strips of felt for his legs.

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  1. LOVE the blog, Molly!! And like I said last week... you would SO ROCK as a preschool teacher!!!! :)
    I look forward to reading more...

    See you Sunday,